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We are a small group of Passionate Digital Marketers, who have come together to share our Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing knowledge with you folks.
Our mission is to inspire you to take action.


Sharath Narla, Content Strategist –  Gandalf the grey

Sharath NarlaSharath Narla is a Digital marketing consultant, writer, and co-founder of www.webowizard.com. Sharath has been in digital marketing since 2009 and technology consulting since 2007. During his career, he has extensively worked in management consulting, project management, content marketing, SEO and Paid marketing.


Anish Nandalike, Content Master  Frodo Baggins; The Ring bearer

Anish NandalikeAnish is an active contributor for Proquotient, an accidental mechanical engineer who ventured into the world of internet marketing during his bachelors. His love for anything online made him choose a career path in Digital marketing. Having more than 5 years of experience in online marketing, he writes extensively on topics related to SEO, Hosting, Shopify, Social media marketing and other online marketing topics. Anish firmly believes in the power of the internet and believes that it has the potential to enable every single person in the world.



Thrilok Karkera – Marketing – Treebeard; The oldest mortal creature in Middle-earth

Thrilok KarkeraThrilok is a passionate SEO strategist and SEO research-enthusiast, with vast experience in SEO Consulting, both at the national and international level. Picking up the technical appetite for SEO during his engineering stints, Thrilok continued honing his SEO Consulting proficiency during his MBA days with unparalleled spells at companies such as LG and Brandcomm. Thrilok with WebOWizard continues to satisfy his analytical bent of mind working on SEO, PPC, SEM, ADS and other TLAs (three letter acronyms). He is the go-to guy for SEO and measures campaign efforts to show you how one’s money is being well spent.


Bharath Narla – Designer  Elrond, Master of Rivendell, a place of refuge and healing

Bharath Narla Webowizard