Key Benefits of Attaining a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

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It is a well known fact that PMP® certification is one of the most challenging qualifications to crack. But the question is, is it worth all your effort and time? Does this coveted qualification in Project Management really offer any value to your career? The answer is a clear ‘yes’. Attaining a PMP® certification can be said to be akin to the quote – ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. In the subsequent part of this write up, let us delve into how PMP® certification can be a game changer for your career life. Here we go.

International Growth of Project Management Profession

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  • PMP® qualification is certainly a challenging one for it demands from aspirants, high level of hands on experience, qualification and knowledge of project management cycle. Upon passing this certification exam, a PMP® certified professional is regarded as fit to take up rigorous project management tasks by employers. As a result of this, a PMP® stamp on your resume speaks loads about your expertise in the space.
  • PMP® certified professionals are always on the employer’s radar. This paves way for higher chances of making it to your dream job at your preferred organization. If you are at an interview, you would for sure have an absolute advantage over the others who do not possess this certification.
  • Getting out of one’s comfort zone is definitely a great quality of good leadership. Preparing and overhauling this highly regarded PMP® qualification is a tough nut to crack which requires aspirants to get out of their comfort zones with immense mental strength. Making through this process definitely makes you one in a many, who is seasoned to take up leadership roles in projects effectively.
  • Confidence is the key to success in one’s life. Successfully qualifying PMP® certification needs confidence and determination to take the giant beast head on. When you put your eyes on a goal, consolidated on a plan, work hard, and you reach it, you put on confidence, which spills over into all dimensions of your life.
  • PMP® qualification provides you opportunity to connect and communicate with certified individuals and aspirants across the globe. These communities can turn out to be a catalyst to your professional life as you talk to like-minded individuals with similar aspirations. You also get plethora of networking opportunities via classes, the internet, meetings etc.
  • Earn more with PMP®. PMP® certification has been listed as one of the highly paying and valuable certification programs in 2016 by Global Knowledge Study. Obtaining a certification, such as the PMP®, can swiftly guide to compensation hikes of 20% and more.
  • With PMP® preparation you will imbibe many qualities that are essential to one’s professional life such as ability to mentor and training others based on your experiences; ability to continuously learn; ability to evaluate the talents and skills of others and many more.
  • Challenging projects demands expertise. With PMP® certification you will certainly be on top of the choice list to make it to the project as you bring to the table immense knowledge and hands on experience regarding project management.

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