What is PRINCE2® Foundation Certification?

PRINCE® is one of the well known and highly regarded project management methods widely used in projects across all organizations and industries. PRINCE® is an acronym for ‘Projects In Controlled Environments’. PRINCE® Methodology is AXELOS, which is a joint entity as a partnership between the UK government and Capita. There are mainly 4 different levels of certifications within the PRINCE® Certification program –

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation
  2. PRINCE2® Practitioner and Re-registration
  3. PRINCE2® Agile for Practitioners
  4. Professional Examination and

PRINCE2® Foundation is the first in the methodology’s certification program. The primary rationale behind his particular certification exam is to validate a professional’s knowledge and comprehension of PRINCE® methodology and ability to work effectively with, or as a member of, a team working within PRINCE2® environment. For a candidate who has completed his/her PRINCE® Foundation exam, automatically qualifies to take up PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification exam.

Who can take/Prerequisites for PRINCE® Foundation Certification?

ALEXOS, the governing body of PRINCE2® Certifications, doesn’t specify any prerequisites for candidates to apply for the Foundation exam. Anyone who is interested to boost their career in project management can take up this exam, however, it is highly recommended for individuals to posses atleast 2 years of experience in project management domain before taking up PRINCE2® Foundation certification exam.

Who should take PRINCE® Foundation Certification?

PRINCE2® Foundation Certification program is tailored for project management candidates who aspire to become Project Managers. Since, this project management methodology is widely used across organizations and industries in United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Europe, India etc professionals working on projects from these geographies can opt for this certification. This certification is ideal for

  • Aspiring Project Managers / Project Managers
  • Project Executives/Leads/Team Managers
  • Project Delivery Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers

Why achieve PRINCE2® Certifications? What are its benefits?

Read benefits of PRINCE2 ® Certifications here.

What is the structure of PRINCE® Foundation Certification Exam?

75 multiple choice questions to be completed in 1 hour.

  • Off the 75 questions, 5 are for trial purpose and are not counted in your final scores
  • Passing Score – 50% (35 questions off the 70 are right)
  • Closed book exam