What is iOS?

Today, almost 10 years since the first iPhone was released, there is a galaxy of Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod of progressive models and various sizes. All of these devices function on iOS – Apple’s operating system for its mobile devices.

Every new iOS (and we are all the way to iOS 10 now!) come with new features and newer capabilities for the Apple mobile devices. There doesn’t seem to be a limit. You imagine a feature, and some future iOS delivers it.

iOS applications were originally made in Objective-C. But, ever since Apple created their own programming language, Swift, numerous applications are now being written in this language and many older applications are being seamlessly ported to Swift. This language is only specific to iOS and Apple products. However, that is not a deterrent because Apple products have an extremely large user base and it continues to grow. In Q1 of 2016, iPhones alone sold 71.7 million units worldwide.

Swift is a very robust and relatively new language made by Apple after years of using Objective-C. All the experience of working with various other programming languages and understanding their pros and cons have led to the creation of Swift. A good measure of the rising popularity of Swift is the rate at which a number of apps are being ported into it. However, some developers continue to create apps in Objective-C.

Objective of iOS App Developer Certification

If you want to become a really top-notch iOS application developer there are certain things that are imperative that you must know how to do:

  • Building views with xibs, Storyboards or programmatically
  • Displaying a table view of data
  • Handling transition and navigation between different views
  • User interaction handling through various controls such as, switches, sliders or buttons.
  • Integration with JSON parser and REST API
  • Displaying views on text, images and labels
  • Knowledge of the application life-cycle and view controller life-cycle

Eligibility and Prerequisites

This course is for all those Apple enthusiasts that are keen on making application for the iOS operating platform, and building a great career doing it. The application development is taught in the Swift programming language in almost all the courses. There may be the rare course that still teaches iOS app development in Objective-C.

But the course is most apt for the following set of people:

  • IT Students aspiring to learn iOS application development
  • Android app developers of mobile devices that wish to add another facet to their skill set
  • Individuals venturing into entrepreneurial project and wanting to create a proof of concept application for Apple mobile devices

As such, there are no prerequisites for learning iOS app development as the Swift programming language is taught from scratch. However, some basic skills of using a computer (which almost everyone has nowadays) is helpful to focus on the teaching.

Examination and certification

The iOS application development course does not have a formal examination like many other courses. Training institutes issues certifications of successful completion of the training when the candidate completes both the training as well as a live project given by the institute.

Benefits of becoming a iOS App Developer

The primary benefit of developing apps on the iOS platform is the huge customer base that is available. It is also lucrative to build apps for the iOS as, in comparison to other stores such as android or Google, the apple store fetches a better price for applications. The new Swift programming is also a big attraction because of its versatility, ease of integration with other programming languages and fresh approach to app development.

Apple has been a innovation leader in the mobile device space and you get to do things first on the iOS.