What is Informatica?

Informatica is an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool that is widely used in data integration and data warehousing spaces. When it is required to fetch and process raw data present in various source systems and load it into a data warehouse or database, it is necessary to format and process this data to be able to apply business logic and store in a database environment. This data is later used to perform reporting, operational and analytical functions. This processing of data is done in three stages, which is widely known as ETL – Extract, Transform, and Load. ETL colloquially is also known as commercial software that automates the 3 stages required for data transformation.

What is PowerCenter 9.X?

PowerCenter 9.X is the latest version of Informatica Corp’s ETL tool that is widely used in building enterprise data warehouses. PowerCenter offers all required elements that are required to mine data, transform them and load into the target data warehouse. PowerCenter 9.X has the following major components to perform ETL –

  1. Integration Service – conducts and implements the ETL logic
  2. Repository Service – manages connectivity to the metadata repositories, where mapping and workflow definitions are saved
  3. Repository – a database which contains the ETL metadata

The PowerCenter repository resides on a relational database. PowerCenter Client applications access the repository database tables through the Repository Server.

What to expect from Informatica PowerCenter Training Courses?

Courses are offered by many institutes on Informatica PowerCenter 9.X to data warehousing and integration aspirants. Informatica PowerCener 9.X developer and admin training courses typically constitute the following listed topics –

  • Introduction and overview of Informatica PowerCenter 9.X
  • Basics of Extract, Transform and Load ( ETL) processes
  • Informatica PowerCenter Designer – Understanding of development units of PowerCenter and creation of mappings
  • Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager & Monitor – How to create different workflows and tasks and monitor the execution of tasks using PowerCenter
  • Advanced Transformation Techniques – Understanding of advanced PowerCenter transformation concepts such as Lookups, normalizers, Java transformations, XML sources etc in addition to re-usability features offered by Informatica
  • Parameters & Variables – Comprehension of parameters and variables for reusability
  • Debugging Troubleshooting Error Handling & Recovery – Understanding of features offered by Informatica to handle errors, troubleshoot bugs, recovery of instances etc
  • Caches – How to enhance ETL jobs using Cache in Informatica application
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization – Efficient usage of Informatica and its development units to enhance performance of ETL operations
  • PowerCenter Repository Manager – This is vital component for Informatica Power Center Administrators
  • Informatica Administration Console & Security – Offers understanding of PowerCenter Administration console – handling services, creating users and groups, handling locks, integrating repository service properties etc.
  • Informatica 9.X – Technical Architecture
  • Informatica Installation & Configuration
  • Command line utilities – Understanding of informatica’s command prompt for the tools’ efficient usage.
  • ETL Scenarios using Informatica
  • ETL Best Practices using Informatica’s Velocity Methodologies
  • Hands on training or Project work on real time ETL processes

Who can go for Informatica PowerCenter 9.X training courses?

Informatica PowerCenter 9.X training courses are ideal for professionals and students who possess basic understanding of SQL, UNIX and data warehousing/ integration concepts.

Informatica training courses are best suited for following individuals

  • Software Development Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Warehousing and Integration Professionals
  • Mainframe architects and developers
  • Data Administrators