Hadoop is being adopted by companies all over the world, irrespective of their size. For every company that ahs implemented Hadoop there is a need for a Hadoop Administrator. Even companies that are yet to adopt Hadoop, but has a production cluster that is more than 20 nodes, still requires an administrator full time. The need for personnel with skills of a Hadoop Administrator is urgent and growing.

Here are some quotes of market experts that leaves no doubt that Hadoop is the next best thing for Data Science:

Quote on the future of Hadoop

One more?

 “YARN is the major innovation in Hadoop 2.0. With Hadoop 2.0 we expect this ecosystem to grow like bamboo in spring time”.

Founder of Bloor Research, Robin Bloor

Last one…

Cowen & Co. Analyst, Peter Goldmacher:  We believe Hadoop is a big opportunity and we can envision a small number of billion
dollar companies based on Hadoop.”

The momentum of Hadoop seems to be only gathering speed with no signs of stopping. Companies have understood the advantages of Hadoop and are sparing no time in implementing it creating a huge void in those certified to administer Hadoop in the complex ecosystems of companies. Since 2008, in the US alone the need for Hadoop Administrators is expected to grow 300% by 2018. The inadequate Hadoop Administrators and the skill gap are the biggest challenges companies are facing while implementing Big Data initiatives.

What is Hadoop Big Data Administrator Certification?

The certification equips a professional to take on the responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator. In the Hadoop eco-systems these include  responsibilities in installing, provisioning, configuring, securing, maintaining and monitoring Hadoop and its system components.

The Hadoop Administrator training prepares you for the responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator.It has real-life situations of Hadoop Administration in industry projects during the training period. You receive a thorough understanding of how to operate and maintain a Hadoop cluster.

Benefits of the Certification

When you are a certified Hadoop Administrator you will have Mastered Hadoop and the eco-system components of Hadoop Administration and have the following benefits:

  • Competency to plan the installation and configuration of Hadoop Clusters, multi-node and single node
  • Proficiency in HDFS and Sqoop
  • Ability to install & configure YARN
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and failure recovery
  • Ability to install and configure other Hadoop Eco system components, such as Pig, Impala, Hive, Nagios and Ganglia
  • Expertise in Hadoop security setup, configuration and management

Who should take Big Data and Hadoop Administrator Certification?

As the responsibilities of a Hadoop Administrator are extensive, there are a few prerequisites to those that can take up this course.

This course is ideal for the following:

  • IT Managers
  • Systems Administrators
  • IT administrators
  • IT Operators
  • IT Systems Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Web Engineer
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Data Analytics Administrator

Prerequisites to Hadoop Administrator Training

The following skills can be helpful in training as a Hadoop Administrator:

  • Basic operational expertise, that include good troubleshooting skills, understanding system capacity, OS, CPU, storage, networks and miscellaneous others.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux – navigate and modify files.
  • Some Java Knowledge will help

Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not essential.

Examination & Certification

The Big Data Hadoop Administrator Certification will require you to clear the online exam with a minimum pass mark of 80%.