Any IT professional that has to work with AWS must get an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certification. The AWS SysOps Administrator-Associate certification is for those running on or desiring to run SysOps on an AWS platform. This certification is for the advanced aspects of AWS. It is recommended that this certification be attempted after having completed either the AWS Solution Architect Certification or the AWS Developer Certification.

Explaining the SysOps Administrator Associate Certification

This certification is given after being trained on a program that is designed to teach and assess your competence to run a SysOps on the AWS platform. The certification validates your ability to provision, operate and maintain any system that runs on AWS. It ratifies your aptitude and skill to build applications on AWS. A keen aspect of the certification is to evaluate your ability in guiding the deployment and implementation of best practices during the life cycle of the project.

Post the certification, you should ideally be proficient in choosing the appropriate and cost effective services of AWS, and successfully deploy and manage the operations competently.

Some of the key skills on AWs that you will imbibe are:

  • To deploy, manage and operate on AWS a highly available, scalable and fault tolerant system.
  • Migrate existing onsite applications to the AWS platform.
  • Design, implement and control data flow to and from the AWS platform.
  • Select business appropriate services based on relevant information assimilated on database, compute and security parameters.
  • Identify, implement and utilise operation best practices of AWS
  • Estimate cost and identify cost control mechanisms in AWS

Benefits of Certification

The first big benefit is the average pay that you will make when you are AWS SysOps Administrator Associate Certified: $108,000 per annum.

The certification validates your experience in running operations of a system on AWS. It endorses your competence in building and operatng an application on AWS.

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Though most training courses claim no AWS experience is required, it may be prudent to note that the AWS SysOps Associate certification is designed for Systems Administrators with a minimum of one year experience managing or creating cloud-based applications.

The professionals eligible for the certification are Systems Administrators and Programmers that intend to create and deploy apps on AWS

The perquisites are:

  • Either you’ve completed the AWS Technical Essentials or have at least one year experience in operating applications on AWS
  • At least 1 year experience of handling systems on AWS, which includes provisioning, operating and maintaining.
  • Capability to operate and deploy best practices and guidance during the project’s life-cycle.

It is also essential for you to:

  1. Set up an AWS Account (the free tier can be used for this course)
  2. Create your own domain name (this is not imperative, but is recommended)

Exam Overview

The exam is designed as a multiple choice questions & answers, and to be completed in 80 minutes.