What is AWS?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a global platform and available in over 190 countries. Its global footprint makes it the leader amongst cloud computing companies. It is a platform that allows you to build applications for global use or you can chose to use it for your regular needs and have full control over your data.

AWS is a cloud service platform with an extremely high level of data security. It offers tremendous computing power, storage of databases, delivery of content and a host of other functionalities that help promote, grow and consolidate your business.  In 2014, AWS added 500 new features to its platform.

Today, innumerable people are using the cloud solutions and products of AWS to create flexible, scalable and reliable applications for their businesses.

AWS makes it feasible for a large number of people to use their services with the pay-as-you-go pricing structure.

The AWS cloud seamlessly enables controlling, auditing, managing identity, configuration and usage, which are the most crucial components of IT infrastructure today. The existing services are easy to use and the new services you select are quick to provision. Their payment model removes the barrier of upfront expense and supports the endeavors of start-ups. For organizations that have made investments in infrastructure, AWS blends in to create a hybrid model with on-site and cloud services.

What is AWS certification?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is intended for those individuals that desire to work with the AWS cloud platform to support businesses. During the course of this certification the individual learns salient aspects of the AWS platform such as:

  • Setting up the AWS SDK for languages such as Java, Python and C# and more.
  • Designing and deploying scalable and applications on AWS using the AWS SDK.
  • Transfering existing on-site applications to the AWS platform
  • Using the Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) data stores.
  • Data ingress and egress, to and from the AWS cloud
  • Integrating data and applications using AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon SWF and Amazon Kinesis.
  • Using the AWS IAM (Identity Access Management) authentication tool.
  • Selecting AWS services based on database, compute or security requirements
  • Identifying use of AWS best practices
  • Estimating costs and identifying control mechanisms

Benefits of an AWS Solution Architect – Associate Certification

Benefits for individuals:

Once you are AWS certified, it authenticates your claim on knowledge about the platform and your competency to work on it. As a large number of companies move from the on-site to a cloud or hybrid scenario, the need for AWS certified persons is very high.

Benefits for employers:

Recruiting AWS certified members into your IT team ensures a smooth transition to the AWS platform and a business continuity under the watchful eyes of competent personnel. AWS certified staff can also assist in the growth fo your business, because it is a criteria to the membership of the AWS Partner Network, which has benefits such as AWS usage credits, training subsidies, marketing support and more. Organizations are funding the AWS certification exams of employees to attain the APN accreditation.


The AWS Solutions Architect-Associate course is for is for those professionals who either want a career in cloud computing or want to be cloud application developers on AWS.

There are a few prerequisites for those that would like to take this certification course:

  • Atleast one, if not more, years of experience on AWS
  • In-depth knowledge of one or more programming language such as, Java, Python, C#/.Net
  • Knowledge about AWS services

The following are good to have, but not imperative prerequisites:

  • Ability to define the requirements for creating an AWS-based application
  • Experience with deploying hybrid systems with AWS components

Examination and Certification

The certification exams are held in over 750 locations, globally and administered by Kryterion. You are required to register on the Kryterion site to get an exam date and venue.

The AWS Solution Architect-Associate exam fee is $150 for a single attempt.