Opportunity for Android App Developers

According to a survey of 2016, the Android operating system holds a market share of a staggering 84%. Apps on android are in tremendous demand, which automatically increases the demand for qualified Android App Developers.

Android applications have become a critical component of businesses today. But making an app just because it’s the trend is a waste of money, time and resources. Leveraging business through an app is a strategic move to drive productivity, efficiency or revenue. There are 7 models of apps that a business can avail from, in relevance to the business.

  • Pay to Download: This is a revenue enhancer, where the customer pays before downloading.
  • In-App Purchases: This is a prevalent strategy where a customer can experience the app and then purchase the service or any of its value-add options.
  • Affiliations: Using apps to benefit through commissions from sales or lead generation for affiliates.
  • Business Process Apps: These are apps that are focused on conducting the business seamlessly.
  • Information Apps: These apps provide information to the customer and help to build the brand image of the company.
  • Additional Services Apps: Free downloadable apps that influence the user to access services on the app that are paid for.
  • Advertising: Banner advertisements generate revenue by cost per click (CPC) or cost per mile (CPM).

Selecting the appropriate model that aligns with the business is vital for its success and an Android App Developer can acquire the competency to deliver apps for any of the models mentioned above.

Importance of Android App Developer Certification

The Android developer training courses are designed for those who desire to create applications for mobile devices using the Android operating platform. It is advisable to take a course that is Google-Authorized Android Developer Training to ensure that you learn specifically aligned to the methods laid down by the operating system creators themselves. The trainers of such authorized centres are also coached with Google support to stay abreast to all changes and upgrades to Android and are not self-taught, which has its own challenges.

Certification from the Best Android development training should give you the capability to:

  • Use the basic tools for Android development, such as Android Studio, Drawables, Listeners, DDMS, and more
  • Use the different widgets and layouts available in the Android applications
  • Create applications with the use of SQLite database
  • Develop interactive apps that include the use of video, audio and notifications
  • Publish the App on Google Play
  • Managing the apps activity lifecycle and creating a seamless user experience by implementing lifecycle call back methods

Who can take up Android App Development Training? Eligibility

There is no educational eligibility barrier to become an Android App Developer. However, an only prerequisite is basic knowledge of Java and XML, because of the technical proficiency involved. Some Android development courses include the Java training as a part of their curriculum at no extra fee. So, all you need is your passion and enthusiasm to become an Android Developer.

Benefits of being a Android App Developer

For those that are still in the dilemma to take the plunge to become an Android App Developer, here are some reasons to help make your decision:

Huge Market: The Google Play Store has opened a Pandora’s box of opportunities. Free and paid apps that surpass apps on any other platform including Apple. There are about 1.5 million devices with the Android OS being activated every day, worldwide. Mobile devices that use the Android OS are almost 300 smart phones, 90 tablets and counting. In the Google Play store, there is an estimated 1.46 million apps of which 60% are free, with opportunities for more.

Job Opportunities: The booming market of smart phones has exponentially grown the demand for Android app developers. Surveys peg a 171% increase in web-searches for either Android app development courses or developers. In India, the course most searched for is Android Application Development Training, followed by Java and J2EE Training and then CCNA Certification Training. The requirement is so high for Android App Developers that the starting salary for a fresher is anywhere from 6 to 10 lacs, depending on the company that recruits you.

Freelancing: The demand for Android App Developers is so high that it allows for the unique opportunity of either working or moonlighting as a freelance even as you continue to learn. Of course, once you’ve mastered developing apps through Android then it’s a cinch to develop apps on any other operating systems.

Earnings: Developers, especially those developing apps for themselves, have a free rein on pricing their apps on Google Play. The Abu Moo collection app is known to be the most expensive app, priced at $200! But even if you are priced low and make a dollar on each sale to just 0.25% of the total of users of Android, considering 1.5 million new Android devices are activated daily, imagine the money you can make!

Work on multiple devices: The Android operating system not only supports mobile phones, but is also used on Tablets, Smart TVs, VoIP phones, car DVD players, Smart watches, Video game players, and the list keeps growing every day. This guarantees no shortage of work and a continuous demand for the expertise.

What are the Android App Development Certification Options Do I have?

  • Associate Android Developer Certification by Google

The Certification program has two phases – First there is the practical development of some basic apps after going through the course. These apps are individually created by the learner and evaluated by certified Android App trainers. Next, there is an exam that is required to be taken to confirm you are theoretically well versed with all aspects of Android app development. The exam is conducted by Google and is called the “Associate Android Developer Exam”. The exam ensures that a novice developer demonstrates all the skills typically required to make a beginning in this profession.

  • Other Android App Developer Certification Programs

Professional training institutes such as Edureka, LearningTree, University of Washington and others have their own certification programs for Android App Developers.


Industries and professions may become obsolete with changing times, but the requirement for programmers will only grow from strength to strength. With technology entering more areas of our lives, learning to harness and manipulate it is one of the immense talents of an Android App Developer.